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Welcome to the 128 Innovation Capital Group

The 128 Innovation Capital Group has been meeting continuously for over 33 years, fulfilling its mission of fostering an environment where innovation flourishes. The 128 Innovation Capital Group provides the forum where Entrepreneurs can meet Investors, Talented and Experienced Managers and Service Providers who will enable their organizations to become successful enterprises

It's Baaaaaaack!

The next

Thursday, September 10th, 2015 from 5:30 - 9:00 PM at

the regular meeting of the

Southern New England Entrepreneur Forum (SNEEF) at the
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Library Grand Reading Room
285 Old Westport Rd. North Dartmouth, MA
Parking in Lot 13

This is a public event.

Attendance fees for this meeting:

General admission - $35; 128ICG Members - $25; SNEEF Members - No Charge

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What is the Piranha Pond? It is a “pitch party” where a select group of entrepreneurs has up to 5 minutes to convince a panel of investors to meet with them to further discuss their ventures. Using a format similar to the popular television show Shark Tank, our investors provide feedback to the entrepreneurs about their presentations and companies, and information to all about why they decide to be “In” or “Out.” If they are “In” they will meet with the Entrepreneur at a later time to discuss their company. If they are “Out” there is no interest at this time. Again, the investor lets us know why s/he will not move forward with the presenter.

For this event, we seek companies beyond the idea stage. The ideal company will have raised funds from friends, family, and/or grants such as SBIR’s. If the company’s product is a software or SAAS product, it should be in beta testing or later.

Please note: There is a $50 application fee required in order to be considered. A selection committee will choose the top 8 applicants to present. The successful applicants will be deemed to have companies most likely to interest the investment panel. In the past, the successful companies have been beyond the idea stage, with a finished product and/or revenue or significant progress toward commercialization if a pharma, equipment or medical device company.


Investor Panel

RayMathieu RayMathieu Rezendes LydiaSchroter JenniferSchwall

David Fogel

Beacon and Mass Medical Angels

Ray Mathieu

Cherrystone Angels

Christopher Rezendes

Inex Advisors

Lydia Schroter

Golden Seeds

Jennifer Schwall

Cherrystone Angels

Our Meetings

At meetings, attendees are identified as Investors seeking new investment opportunities, Entrepreneurs looking for investment in their ventures, Management Candidates searching for new opportunities or Service Providers looking to provide help and services to all.

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